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Iridian Technologies, Inc.

Media Contact: Lina Page

Phone: (856) 222-9090


Company URL: 


Product Description: Iris recognition from Iridian Technologies is the most accurate, non-invasive and easy to use biometric for secure authentication and positive identification. Iris recognition technology identifies people by the unique patterns of the iris – the colored ring around the pupil of the eye. The technology’s one-to-many matching capability can scale to support large populations with millions of users.


Company Description: Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Moorestown, NJ leads the world in research, development and marketing of authentication technologies based on iris recognition — the most accurate biometric identifier. Holder of exclusive US and international patents on the core concepts and technologies behind iris recognition, Iridian offers unparalleled security for public-use applications such as simplified passenger travel, border control, national id, restricted access and information access solutions.



Leica Geosystems

Ticker Symbol: LGSN (SWX Exchange)

Media Contact: Jim Jensen

Phone: 1-877-318-0420 ext. 15


Company URL: 


Product Description: Leica Geosystems provides geospatial imaging solutions that are easy-to-use, fully integrateable, expandable and can be customized to specific user requirements. Leica Geosystems is committed to making customers successful with its products, offering technical support, interactive training courses, custom software development, and consulting services.


Company Description: Leica Geosystems offers a full range of products in use with over 50,000 global customers. We are well known for the technological advances we have in geospatial technologies of remote sensing, mapping, GPS and GIS. Leica Geosystems products are a natural fit for today’s Homeland Security needs.



Magnetic Automation Corp.

Media Contact: Chris Wtipil

Phone: 321-635-8585


Company URL: 


Magnetic Autocontrol manufactures gates for vehicles, pedestrians, and revenue systems. Magnetic offers Magnetic stripe entry-exit stations with systems that operate off-line or on-line. Fee computers are available for exits or central locations with card access for on-line solutions. Magnetic gates feature 100% duty cycle blockable AC torque motors. Magnetic pedestrian gates are rugged and reliable with modern European ergonomic styling. Our MIB vehicle barrier gates feature intelligent control that virtually eliminates service reducing the lifecycle cost. Magnetic’s expert engineers design products that are the best product in the world at a reasonable price.



Masonry Arts, Inc.

Media Contact: Ken Hays

Investor Relations Contact: Ken Hays

Phone: (205) 428-0780



Product Description: Custom Blast Resistant Windows and Curtainwall, aluminum, steel or bronze including Historic Replications and high blast load designs. DOS Muntin window for embassies weighs 450 lbs. and ships mounted in embed frame. Largest FEBR window in DOS certification inventory. Steel fabricator for Force Protection wall and window reinforcement.


Company Description: Masonry Arts, Inc. is America’s only single source designer, fabricator and installer of custom blast resistant windows and curtainwall systems. Manufactured and installed the windows and Force Protection systems at the Pentagon, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, the Oklahoma City Federal Campus, FEMA and ATF Labs. Reglazing the Sears Tower in Chicago.




Media Contact: Janelle Semanko

Phone: 952-890-0609


Company URL:

Press Kit URL: 


Meteorlogix ( is a portfolio company of VS&A Communications Partners III, LP, the billion dollar equity affiliate of Veronis Suhler Stevenson. Based in Minneapolis, the company delivers industry-specific weather management capabilities for its customers to manage weather-related business risks, maximize personal safety and minimize financial loss. Meteorlogix serves more than 22,000 customers with a focus on public safety, broadcast media, transportation, energy and aviation industries. Its client roster includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Reuters, Bloomberg, Union Pacific Railroad, Tennessee Valley Authority, US Airways, CBS-owned WBBM-TV, City of Orlando, and Travelocity.



MitiTech, LLC

Media Contact: Brian Edwards

Investor Relations Contact: Craig Schwartz

Phone: (410) 309-9447


Company URL:


Product and Company Description: MitiTech, LLC is the manufacturer of SAFETYDRAPE(TM), the only blast curtain made in America and independently tested to GSA Level 3 Criteria for Glass Hazard Mitigation. SAFETYDRAPE(TM) is available on GSA or AFNAF contracts and is listed in the Department of Defense J34 Standoff Weapons Resource Guide. SAFETYDRAPE(TM) is cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. SAFETYDRAPE(TM) has been installed worldwide, ensuring safety, comfort and peace of mind. For electronic presentations, test results or information, visit us on the web at



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