Strategic Consultants

Charles Potter


Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions


Charles Potter started his career in finance as a statistician with Standard and Poor's in 1955 and was steadily promoted to Senior Securities Analyst until 1960.


Upon leaving S&P in 1960 he took a position as a Senior Securities Analyst with the Investment Banking firm of A.M. Kidder & Co.


In 1962 he joined Dreyfus & Co. as the co-manager of the Investment Research Department.


In 1965 he took on a position with the Investment Banking firm of  D.H.Blair & Co. as the sole manager of the Investment Research Department.


In 1972 Charles became President of the Investment Banking Firm of J.D. Winer & Co., a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange. Later, he became Vice Chairman when J.D Winer merged with Mack Bushnell & Edelman, also a member of the NYSE.


In 1974 he became Executive Sales Representative with Bear Stearns & Co. where his duties included research, investment banking, Mergers, acquisitions and underwriting as well as institutional and retail sales. He was eventually promoted to Partner and Managing Director.


In 1994 Charles became Sr. Vice President of Oppenheimer & Co. which latter became CIBC Oppenheimer. His duties were similar to that performed at Bear Stearns & Co. He retired in July of 2000.




Bachelor of Business degree (BBA) frim Baruch School of Business, CCNY in 1962.


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from University of Virginia in 1969.


In addition to being a Chartered Financial Analyst, Charles has been a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts, The Financial Analysts Federation, The Financial Investment Analysts and The Financial Analysts Money Society. He also has been a member of several Boards of Directors. Currently, he has been elected to the Board of Westlinks Resources, Ltd., a rapidly growing oil and gas exploration Co. based in Calgary, Canada


Other Accomplishments:


Charles was appointed Adjunct Professor of Finance of Mercy College in New York and has lectured occasionally at New York University. He has also been an invited guest on numerous T.V. and Radio shows devoted to financial news as well as being interviewed for several articles appearing in magazines, newspapers and other publications.