Strategic Consultants

Harry Kay


Co-Chairman of the Board

President & Executive Officer


Mr. Kay has been Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer for several public Companies. Mr. Kay has been an active investor in private companies and has major holdings in several companies at the present time. He has proven expertise in negotiation and contracts and has been the principle in numerous corporate acquisitions, mergers, and public stock sales. He is considered to be an expert in the School of Paris Art.


Mr. Kay has done work for governments, domestic and international. He has traveled the world in his work for the government and for his private business dealings in the Americas and the Middle East. As a result, his business associates and contacts are endless and cover a broad base of industries.


Mr. Kay has been the largest stockholder in a co-generation plan in Bakersfield California. Mr. Kay has been the principle investor in similar ventures. He is representing, in the highest government level, Israel and the Arab world.


Special Assignments:


Between 1980 and 1990 until the present he helped create diplomatic relations with Israel and Albania and still have business interests in Albania.


Before (Col North) coordinated on behalf of US, Honduras and Israel relations.


Represented Kuwait with Iraq in regards to approximately 700 prisoners of Kuwait Citizens from the Gulf War with Iraq.


Formulated business plans towards the peace plan for Israel for commercial development.

All projects are currently on hold pending a more definitive agreement in Israel and the peace process.


In 1942 - 45 US Marine Corp. Platoon sergeant, served in combat in Guadalcanal, Bouganville, Guam and Okinawa.


In  1947- 48 Officer in Israel Armed Forces.


Approx. 1992 - 1995 with Hong Leong Corp. offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Telecommunications with telephone credit cards.


Resulting from all his activities and long-term relationships worldwide, has developed the highest level contacts for both business and government endeavors.


Banking with Bank of America accounts with West America Securities, Piper Jaffrey Securities. Individuals Dr. Ben Weisman, Dean of Long Island University (LIU) chairman of Business and Economics Iona College - Charles Potter, former Sr. VP Oppenheimer/ Bear Stearns. John Wong , Hong Leong Corp. Singapore HQ.


Past President Chairman CFO COO of Public Companies.


Director of two foundations, Velija Foundation, Albania, and Phoenix Medical Research Foundation. He is a trustee of both.


President and Chairman of  Arcobel Investments. Inc., and the K-Group, Inc. Both are private Nevada corporations.