Les T. Juhasz



Commercial and Navy Nuclear Power Operations

Nuclear Power / Utility Industry Management Business Development

Consultant to Public and Private Companies


Les Juhasz is a native of Denver, Colorado and is Certified as a Senior Nuclear Reactor Operator / Manager by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Experience Highlights:


• More than twenty years of experience in the Nuclear Power Industry

• Seven years Navy Nuclear experience as Reactor Operator/Instructor

• Staff Instructor Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit

• Thirteen years of Commercial Nuclear Experience

• Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) BWR-6

• Experienced in development of programs, procedures and training

• Administrative experience in nuclear startup and technical departments

• Conducted Control of MT&E audit and program enhancements in response to INPO audit

• Management experience of support personnel for nuclear startup, construction turnover, refueling and operations

• Client Site Manager with marketing/client interface responsibilities and personnel management for one hundred field personnel

• Manager of Personnel Recruiting for Field Services

• Client Program Manager for seven nuclear utilities

• National Sales Manager to support plant operations, maintenance and training


Professional Experience:


1992 – Present Liberty International Development, Inc.


President, Business development and consulting services in the areas of energy and communications services. Conducted business opportunity seminars and training for sales force. Investment consultant in energy and future technologies.


1991 – 1992 Brand Marine and Utility Services


National Sales Manager reporting to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Developed sales and business opportunities in the areas of operations, engineering and staff augmentation.


1984 – 1991 Quadrex Energy Services Corporation



Client Program Manager for Field Services. Assigned to the corporate office to develop product business areas, generate bid proposals and provide technical support to various clients. Management responsibilities for all client-assigned field personnel including contract management, business, marketing and client development.


1988 – 1989

Consultant Engineer. Special assignment at Perry Nuclear Power Plant reporting to the I&C Manager. Conducted an audit and overview of the Control of Measuring and Test Equipment Program in response to an NRC OSTI report. This overview consisted of personnel interviews, observations, record audits, management discussions, and program reviews. Recommendations were submitted for client management review and were successfully implemented to support Perry’s first refueling outage. This consisted of program changes and training of all maintenance personnel to improve the attitude toward the control of M&TE.


Developed an I&C System Engineering Handbook identifying instrumentation requiring fill/venting post maintenance to return systems to operability.


Supported the Engineering Outage Unit as a member of the Work Review Committee as I&C Section Representative during Perry’s first refueling outage.


1987 – 1988

Manager of Personnel Recruiting for Field Services. Assigned to the corporate office with responsibilities which included the implementation of a computer network and software modifications of the resume database to increase efficiency and responsiveness to client RFPs. Negotiated salaries and benefits with potential employees to determine base cost for proposal support.


Developed and obtained favorable contracts with recruiting agencies to support client staffing needs, thereby reducing base costs and increasing profit margins.


1985 – 1987

Client Site Manager for QESC providing marketing and client support while assigned to Perry Nuclear Power Plant during plant start-up to commercial operations. Personnel Administrator for one hundred on-site employees.


Assigned as Administrative Assistant to the Manager of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant – Technical Section. Assigned duties include records management support team member, training coordinator, operations experience review coordinator, as well as administrative support to the Superintendent and Plant Manager of the Technical Department. These duties include management reports, procedure development status for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, and coordinating and expediting action as assigned by management. Responsible for the departmental coordination of responses to closeout INPO assistance visit open findings.


1984 – 1985

Administrative Lead. Assigned at Perry Nuclear Power Plant to the Nuclear Test Section with the following responsibilities: provide procedure coordination, review and resolution for the administrative section of the Nuclear Startup Test Program; maintain nuclear test section engineering action list for tracking interface problems; tracked and assisted in closeout of action requests generated by the Quality Assurance (QA) Department through the development of a work committee. Provided administrative and technical reviews of test procedures as required and directed administrative support personnel.


1978 – 1983 Illinois Power Company


1981 – 1983


Control Room Shift Supervisor. Responsibilities included writing station operating procedures, integrated plant operating procedures, preoperational test and startup procedures. Coordinated interface between startup and operations for turnover and release of plant systems. Performed human factors engineering study of main control room to improve man-machine interface and conducted technical specification review for implementation of the surveillance tracking data base. Conducted training courses for the Startup Test Group covering plant systems. Directed daily activities of the Control Room Operator.


1978 – 1981


Control Room Operator. Responsibilities included development of surveillance, operating and off-normal procedures, providing assistance to station startup group in system turnover, flush and hydro procedure development. Developed training lesson plans for initial operator training.


1970 – 1978 United States Naval Nuclear Power Program.


Reactor Operator/RC Division Leading Petty Officer.

Performed divisional responsibilities aboard a fast attack nuclear submarine during operations overhaul and testing. Assigned as a staff instructor at the DIG nuclear prototype, responsible for instruction of reactor operators and shift EOOWs.




U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program


• Secret Security Clearance


• Two years classroom and prototype training in theory, systems and operations.


Passed Examinations Board for Reactor Operator.


• Trained in Radiation Protection, Contamination and Decontamination Procedures


• Assigned to Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine and certified as Nuclear Reactor Operator and Electrical Operator.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission Certified in the following disciplines N45.2.6:


• System Test Engineer Level III

• Instrumentation and Control Level II

• Electrical Level I

• Mechanical Level II


Illinois Power Company Training Courses


• BWR Reactor Fundamentals – General Electric

• Plant Systems Training – General Physics Corporation

• Large Steam Turbine Generator – General Electric

• Reactor Theory and Startup – Test Reactor Facility University of Illinois

• Observation Training – General Electric

• Black Fox Simulator – General Electric

• Certified as Senior Reactor Operator, 1980

• Shift Technical Advisor training program

• Fire Fighting Training University of Illinois


Professional Management Development Seminar Courses, Lakeland College


• Thirteen Management Courses


College and Universities Attended


• Attended University of Illinois, Champaign, IL

• Attended Richland College, Decatur, IL

• Attended Lakeland College, Mentor, OH

• Equivalent Bachelor of Science Degree-Power Generation