Strategic Consultants

Major-General Zeev Livne  [Is.Ret.]


Ground Forces Commander

Military Secretary to the Prime Minister


Major General Zeev Livne was born in 1945 in Siberia and immigrated to Israel two years later.


He was inducted into the IDF in 1962 and served in the Nahhal Brigade (an IDF unit that combines military and civilian service in a new agricultural village), where he eventually became a company commander.


Maj. General Livne was wounded in the 1967 Six Day War while serving as an operations officer in a Nahhal battalion. Upon his recovery, he returned to the infantry, serving as a commander of a squad leaders course. During the 1973 Yom Kippur War he headed a force of officer cadets who saw action in the Jidi Pass in the Sinai.


After the war he converted to Armor and served in senior command positions, including reserve brigade commander, regular commander, regular brigade commander and deputy division commander. During the 1982 Lebanon War he served as deputy commander of an armor division, which fought, in the Eastern sector.


In 1983 he spent a year studying in the United States, and upon his return was appointed deputy commander of a regular division, commander of a reserve armor division, and commander of a regular armor division.


Following the outbreak of the intifada, and the decision of the IDF to reinforce their presence in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District, Maj. General Livne was chosen as Commander of IDF forces in the Samaria region. On March 17,1989 he was appointed Assistant Deputy C.O.S. for Operations, GHQ.


He served in this capacity during the Gulf War, and afterwards analyzed the implications of the war in relation to the home- front. In February 1992, with the establishment of the IDF Home- Front Command, he was appointed its first commander and promoted to the rank of Major General. In August 1994, Maj. General Livne was appointed Commander of the Ground Forces Command and in June 1996 he was appointed Military Secretary to the Prime Minister.


Major General Livne holds a Bachelor Degree in History from the Tel Aviv University and Masters Degree in Geography from the University of Haifa.